Chocola Paris – “ for life’s every occasion “ At Chocola Paris, we see ourselves as more than just a chocolatier. We create experience, and these experiences make any day extraordinary. Our products are handmade using fine quality Belgium chocolate and only the finest ingredients so that you can enjoy chocolate near perfection. We serve Chocola Paris Chocolates in Oman, Qatar and Paris.


We are one of the largest Hypermarket chain in Qatar having branches in all the suburbs of the country. Fresh produce, value for money and best in class shopping experience. We provide all of these under a roof. Our chain of Hypermarkets have an extended selection of food and non food items from top manufacturing/production brands at the most affordable price.


Our restaurants are designed with a warm and contemporary feel, carefully designed to enable space yet intimacy. The most important aspect of are restaurants are the quality of food and service, and we are justifiably proud of both. We serve the best Turkish Mediterranean food, family recipes, authentic Turkish dishes, international cuisines and specialty mocktails.



Features : Garnet is pure and natural sand. Of the six major varieties of Garnet ( Almandine, Andradite, Grossularite, Pyrope, Spessartite, Uvarovite), Almandine is the best abrasive Garnet with the composition of 3FeO, Al203, ESIO2. As Garnet has low content of free silica in it, it is widely used in sand blasting and waterjet cutting.

Applications :
Abrasives, Sand Blasting, Water Jet Cutting


Features : Bentonite is highly used plastic clay and is an absolute gem of a product to be manufactured in terms of industrial purposes. It is of great commercial importance with inherent bleaching properties. It is these bleaching properties that make it useful and different from other materials. Bentonite because of it having such unique bleaching qualities has been named as bleaching clay.

Applications :
Foundry, Drilling, Cosmetic

Silica Sand

Features : We are specialized in offering superior quality Silica Sand that is acid soluble bridging agent. It is used in manufacturing of glass, fillers & extenders, abrasives & polishes, silica bricks, speciality coatings, ceramics rubber and optics. It is processed keeping in mind international quality standards and is offering at very affordable price to the clients.

Applications :
Water Filtration, Filler, Paints, Plastic, Rubber

China Clay

Features : China clay belongs to the group of Minerals called Kaolinite. It is one of the most common minerals. Kaolinite clay occurs in abundance in soils that have formed from the chemical weathering of rocks in hot, moist climates – for example in tropical rainforest areas. Comparing soils along a gradient towards progressively cooler or drier climates, the proportion of Kaolinite decreases, while the proportion of other clay minerals.

Applications :
Glass, Ceramics, Paper, Cosmetics


Features : Metakaolin is form of calcined or dehydroxilated china clay. During calcination morphological, mineralogical and chemical changes occur which result in products with excellent optical properties.

Applications :
Glass, Ceramics, Paper, Cosmetics



Features : Dolostone is the main source of the mineral dolomite. It is an anhydrous carbonate mineral composed of calcium magnesium carbonate. It is used as an ornament stone, construction aggregate and main source of magnesium oxide.

Applications :
Steel industry, Refractory, Glass, Ceramics


(Pottasium and Sodium)

Features : Feldspar is most common rock – forming mineral. It generally white or very light in colour. The feldspar refers to the group of aluminium silicate of potassium, sodium and calcium. Among the numerous rocks in which they are present the feldspars are particularly abundant in igneous rocks.

Applications :
Ceramics, Sanitary Ware, Catalyst, Decorative Stone


Features : Calcite is carbonate and is generally white in colour. Calcite is a common constituent of sedimen-tary rocks, limestone in particular. It has the same chemical formula as other calcium carbonate based minerals like limestone and marbles. Calcite, like most carbonates, will dissolve with most forms of acid. Calcite can be either dissolved by ground water or precipitated by groundwater, depending on several factors including the water temperature and pH.

Applications :
Pharmaceuticals, Drilling, Iron and Steel Industry


Features : Quartz is very common in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone. It is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. It is closest to pure chemical compound and has constant physical properties. Quartz strength and non - reactive properties make it indispensable ingredient in the production of thousand of everyday products.

Applications :
Drilling, Ceramics, Paints, Glass

Copper Slag

Features : Copper slag is a by-product of copper extraction by smelting. During smelting, impurities become slag which floats on the molten metal. Slag that is quenched in water produces angular granules which are disposed of as waste or utilized.

Applications :
Abrasive, Blasting


Features : It is naturally occurring mineral that is based on collection of silicate minerals and composed of varying amounts of potassium, iron, aluminium, magnesium and water is Mica. High is Silica it has the extensive capacity to remain elastic even in high temperature.

Applications :
Plastics, Cosmetics, Welding Electrodes, Rubber, Foundries


Raw Salt Iodised

Features : We are one of the leading Exporter of Raw Salt, which is an unprocessed salt used for human consumption as well as ideal for many industrial uses. Our Raw Salt is highly demanded by the clients for its purity and high quality. We are capable of supplying bulk requirements to the clients at competitive prices.

Applications :
Edible Salt, Drilling, Chlor, Alkali Industry

Raw Salt Non Iodised

Features : We offer premium quality of Non Iodised Refined and Unrefined Crushed Sea Salt. Our Crushed Sea Salt caters to the requirements of various industries such as Food Processing Industry, Chemical Industry and many others.

Applications :
Drilling, Animal Feed, Food Stuff, Dyeing

Industrial Salt

Features : We offer a wide range of industrial Salt, which is Highly Pure. We offer Industrial salt with different specifications and various applications. Our Industrial salt caters to the requirements of various industries such as Textiles, Drilling, and Chemical Industries.

Applications :
Textiles, Drilling, Chemical

Iodised Table Salt

Features : We offer premium quality Triple Refined Free Flow Iodised salt with high Whiteness and low Moisture content. Our Iodised Table Salt is used for Human Consumption and acts additives in foodstuff. You can avail Iodised Table Salt in Consumer pack of 250 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg as well as in Bulk Packaging of 20/25/35/50 kg s from us.

Applications :
Edible, Animal Feed, Additives in Foodstuff